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A plat-forming puzzle game about an old robot and a boy. The puzzles involve equip-able items that each have unique functions.

Jetpack - A short burst jetpack useful for getting over that tricky chasm.

Crystal - Emits a freezing chill, stabalazers around the world prevent it from freezing you.

Battery - Extends the length of your power and acts as a container allowing you to recharge unpowered machines.

Lamplant - Brings light to dark places, who knows what lurk in the shadows.

This game got a little dull for me so I have stopped working on it, I may one day finish it off, most of the mechanics are in the game, it's just a little buggy and the levels have not been fully made. If you want to play it, feel free, but it hasn't really been tested and I know the bugs can stop gameplay ):

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Published1 year ago
StatusOn hold


5K1PP - alpha_build_v1.exe (2 MB)